About Atlas of Prosperity




Welcome to the Atlas of Prosperity.

A map of some of the gorgeously better systems, ideas and courageous ideas that put thriving ecosystems and people front and centre stage of the future we’re rebuilding right now.

As in pro-spero – “in accordance with our hopes”. (Not that tedious ok-for-some simplistic economic growth nonsense.)

We wanted to get some baddass, positively deviant, creatively disruptive ideas and actions all in the same place, to show and share what we can all do when we think right outside the box.

So  – whether you have something to share, or you just want a dose of what-we-can-do-if-we-just-decide-to – come on in.

If you have an idea you want support for, or are just developing – that counts too! Just put “IN DEVELOPMENT” in the title so people know! 🙂

Thanks. 🙂 We love your creative disruption. Bring it on. We super-hugely need it.



Popular Places

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  • Cornwall Doughnut Collective

    Collective of people sharing wisdom on their use and participation in the Doughnut Economics model, across Cornwall. Participants include Cafe Disruptif, Helston Climate Action Group, Cornwall Council, Conscious Creatives, Shallal Theatre and more.

  • Favorite

    Rame Peninsula Beach Care

    So much more than just a local initiative to keep our beaches clean, Rame Peninsula Beach Care campaigns for cleaner water, plastic reduction and encourages the creation of art from plastic waste.

  • Favorite

    Keveral Community of Growers

    Organic farm run on a community basis, also offering employment and housing to WOOFers. Running a veggie box scheme that covers South East Cornwall and Plymouth. Keveral owns the accolade of being the Soil Association’s oldest certified organic farm.